This relates to office365 onedrive for business

A list of three I believe to be simple things I would like, really like, to be sorted out on onedrive online so I can actually use it without ripping my hair out on a day to day basis.. pretty please…

1) ‘Keep me signed in’ tick box actually worked on firefox browsers – no cleaning software or cookie removal plugins, just doesn’t work on firefox fullstop. Tried a fresh profile, still doesn’t work, forced to play enter the email/password game each time.

2) Developers stopped or reduced making subtle changes to the login form url and/or field names – ok storing your email address and password in browser wallets isn’t ideal, but given (1) above, it becomes tiresome when the url or field names change, so then your email and password isn’t automatically filled in, so then have to play hunt the password game to login each time – kind of important if shares are sent to me with login forced on them.. (note I do have a firefox plugin which allows SSL / https passwords to be auto filed, but like all sites only works if the login form urls are kept consistent… unlike right now).

3) Once logged into a onedrive shared FOLDER, if I move from ‘FILES’ to ‘OUR FILES’, then switch back to ‘FILES’ again all the shared files disappear – only solution is to log out, then (hoping url hasn’t been altered rofl in the meantime) re-enter email/password details, and log back in, just remembering not to switch to ‘OUR FILES’ by mistake – this tends to happen if the same client has sent more than one share eg input folder as one share and an output folder as another share – annoying as hell anyway.

Many other issues on Onedrive online, but if these 3 issues above were fixed, could possibly regain my hair cover and lower overall stress levels.

Additional: The protected mode ‘file is corrupted’ message when two different people using excel 2016 share the same document but slightly different versions of the software used ought to be changed though – cannot keep expecting clients to change their security settings just because say my version of excel 2016 is 2 weeks more up to date than theirs or vice-a-versa.. tested and found to be the case. Probably less of a case on forced updating windows 10, but as those people who might rely on expensive mobile broadband turn off auto updates (5GB == £40, which can soon mount up on office 2016 updates), is definitely an issue in my opinion.